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Mar 2015
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In this case, the challenge before us was not minor.

The HHRR expert and Associate Director of AZC Global shared with us an idea he had long been shaping: to organize a leadership annual congress where politicians, prestigious business men and leaders of all kinds, in any aspect of life and not necessarily famous, gave talks and workshops. The idea was to transmit the concept of leadership from a variety of points of view.

First of all, we had to give the Congress a name and a powerful visual identity.

Since it was about leadership, we began to look for references in the animal world and found the perfect example of natural leadership in everyone’s mind: the queen bee. We’d found our name for the Summit.

Also, we must say that the bee hive represents an ideal model of society, with a great tradition in Western Humanism.

As could not be otherwise, the Queenbee logo was yellow and black, and it turned out to be real cool.


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