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Pop Up Store, also known as pop-up retail or temporary story, are a trend toward opening short-term sales spaces. We could say that they are stores that are today, but tomorrow they will not be. A pop-up is an ephemeral shop that opens with a purpose; to publicize a product, sell stock, allow a rapprochement with the customer... It is always is a show store that allows us to live a great experience.

Where can I find a Pop Up Store?

They often appear overnight and in unexpected places. Usually you can find them in downtown areas of the city, but any place is good for a pop up experience. From a beach to a garage or a busy street.

What benefits does a Pop Up Store bring to a brand?

The main benefits that a brand can achieve with this type of initiatives are: branding, virality because people who attend a pop up store usually share it in their social networks or nearby circles, engagement with the customer because during the pop up the brand can interact with the customer and an increase in sales.

Did you know that Planta 18 has registered the term "Pop Up Store" in Spain?

The pop-up stores began to spread at the beginning of the 21st century especially in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. As proof of their success, these cities leave us Pop Up Store as shocking as those held in Rockefeller Center (New York) with the collection of designer Isaac Mizrahi or the ones organized by such important brands as Tiffanys or Nike. In Spain, many companies are using this new way of selling and we are the ones who have registered the term.

Examples of Pop Up Stores

They are so fashionable that, although you don´t know it, you have already visited one! Here are some of our pop ups:

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