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La importancia de la creatividad

Creativity is the ability or facility to invent or create. It has always been a term related to painters, designers or musicians but now it is something that the companies want. In Spain, best marketing and events agencies use creativity as a cornerstone for their work. With creativity, you can gain incredible benefits. Events are important for the companies, in our country they celebrated thousands of events that generate a high volume of business. Who organizes this events? The agencies, and how do companies get profits with this? Thanks to de creativity. Most of the events that are developed look too similar, we should use creativity and make something different. Creativity is what makes the difference.  

Creativity and innovation are two terms that we usually talk about. Even so, many companies don’t use them. It doesn’t matter how big is your company, creativity and innovation are good for you.

If you want to understand better the importance that creativity could have in a marketing and events agency, you should see this interview with the employees of Planta 18:

Albert Einstein: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

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