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Apr 2015
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As the Spanish song says: “he who doesn’t like wine is an animal”. But we not only love wine, we also love working for a wine brand.

One of the group companies, Bosque de Matasnos, asked for a very special and amusing job: to come up with a wine brand for exporting to the Asian market, mostly China.

The brand had to focus on the most typical and exportable of Spanish features: bullfights. As the names were not to be translated to Chinese, the label had to be very descriptive. And very far from minimal, as the Chinese market doesn’t go for minimal at all.

This is how two new exportation wines were born: Brindis de Montera and Capote de Brega. Their logos and corresponding labels are a perfect graphic description exercise. Text and image say exactly the same thing, as the consumer ignores the Spanish language and, moreover, bullfighting technical terms.

What more can we say? Oh, I know: Capote, Montera, Olé!


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