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Mar 2015
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When we like a project, we really like it. And we don’t mind shouting it out loud. This is one of those cases.

The German chemicals manufacturing corporation shared with us a problem in their agricultural chemistry division in Spain. They had created 4 clubs: vineyards, cereals, fruits and vegetables that were managed independently, with no connection or visual coherence among them.

The challenge: to unify all 4 CLUBS under the same name and visual identity. And, as long as we were there, present the graphic design for each of the 4 annual events that were to be organized for each CLUB division.

The result: We created a new brand for the club: GREEN DAYS was born. An umbrella Club under which all 4 divisions, formerly independent Clubs, would be gathered.

And a very friendly design that granted each crop powerful, magical qualities and put them together in surreal situations.

Like we said, we really, really liked this project.

Do you?


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