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Street Marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing communicative disciplines in Spain. Companies in this country are realizing that they can´t wait for the customer to knock on your door, they must go out and get it.  And this is how marketing goes on the street and Street Marketing is created. It’s becoming very common to find creative examples of Street Marketing anywhere and this is because this advertising method offers infinite creative possibilities.

There are many ways to do Street Marketing. The most common is through brochures, print advertising or flyers but there are other more creative and elaborate that include street games, flash mobs, stands giving away the product, animations or urban shows.

The place chosen to do Street Marketing is always strategic, places where it is expected that there will be more affluence of the kind of people that we want to reach. They are unconventional places to locate advertising, the thing is to try to appear where people don´t expect it.

Being attractive for the customer is becoming very complicated, that is why creativity, humour and innovation are important factors to get differentiated from other brands. What really matters here is not money, it's creativity. They don´t need big budgets, usually they are inexpensive actions with great impact.

In Planta18 we create Street Marketing. All the actions of this type of marketing must be developed with a great prior planning and always seeking to achieve the stated objectives. Here are five of our Street Marketing actions: 

GIVENCHY: Some nice models danced a choreography and invited the people to enter the perfumery where the product was sold. The action was so successful that we did it in several cities of Spain.

REVLON: The action “Revlon Love is on” took place at Madrid Xanadú and Diagonal Mar de Barcelona shopping centres. A funny flashmob that generated lot of traffic to the store.

BANKINTER: It was the 50th anniversary of the company and they celebrated it blowing the candles with its customers. We organized a road show in 6 cities: Valladolid, Madrid, Bilbao, Castellón, Soria and Tarragona. We set up a Pop Up Store ( where an actor with a cake invited people to go in to the bank where they gave a juice and a special biscuit.

 NIVEA: This time we helped Nivea to achieve a Guiness Record. Almost 15.000 people kept the legndary beach ball in Valadolid. 

MATUTANO: This action for the products Matutano Mas consisted of enjoying in the street with music, dances and activities for all type of public. We set up full of color. tents and stages.


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